10 Ways to Look Your Best on the Beach

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Preparing for beach season starts at different times for different people. For some, it starts in a gym several months before summer, while for others, it starts right on the beach by hiding extra pounds in the sand. Turns out, there are much easier ways to look stunning on the beach no matter how beach-ready you feel!

GIGGAG has learned some tricks and tips to show the strong sides of your body even if you didn’t reach your desired shape by summer. Check out how easy it is to follow these tricks.

4. Food

To keep your belly as flat as possible, you shouldn’t eat too much before going to the beach. Secondly, you should avoid products that cause bloating. Products like peas, cabbage, corn, pretzels, crackers, sausages, as well as carbonated drinks and ice cocktails with fruit syrups can all make you bloat. While cold sugary drinks are incredibly appealing in hot weather, they have one major disadvantage: due to their high sugar content, they give the body a quick boost of energy and just as quickly drop your energy level down, leaving you with feelings of fatigue and exhaustion.

It’s better to drink water and snack on nuts and fruit. Nuts can make you feel full when eaten in small amounts and fruit can be refreshing on a hot, sunny day. It’s better to eat bananas, watermelon, and citrus fruit. Try to stay away from apples, pears, grapes, and dried fruit because they can cause gas.

4. Food

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