10 Ways to Look Your Best on the Beach

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Preparing for beach season starts at different times for different people. For some, it starts in a gym several months before summer, while for others, it starts right on the beach by hiding extra pounds in the sand. Turns out, there are much easier ways to look stunning on the beach no matter how beach-ready you feel!

GIGGAG has learned some tricks and tips to show the strong sides of your body even if you didn’t reach your desired shape by summer. Check out how easy it is to follow these tricks.

9. The Print And Color Of swimwear

A correctly selected color can visually balance almost any figure. Dark colors should be used in places where you want to hide extra volume, while bright and light colors should be used in places where you want to add the volume. For example, dark stripes on the sides of bikini bottoms help to outline the waistline, while light tops and dark bottoms are better for a figure with wide hips, compact breasts, and narrow shoulders.

There is a common rule for swimwear that also goes with many other types of clothing: horizontal lines add volume, and vertical lines slim the silhouette down.

9. The print and color of swimwear

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