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You don’t need to go to other planets to be amazed by the variety of lifeforms. Evolution has a very rich imagination and, thanks to it, there are squeaking dragons, animals with poisonous armpits, and newts that fire ribs at their enemies and just grow a new rib later. If these “superpowers” aren’t enough to impress you, keep on reading!

GIGGAG has collected 15 funny animals, birds, and reptiles that can make an unforgettable impression on you with their innate features and acquired talents.

10. A sloth That Grows Seaweed On itself And Then Eats it

10. A sloth that grows seaweed on itself and then eats it

This seaweed is often confused with moss. It’s actually the sloth’s fur that turns green. There are moths living in seaweed that give nitrogen to plants. Once a week, a sloth comes down from the trees and leaves manure that contains moth eggs on the ground. Later, the moths fly to the sloth’s fur and help grow seaweed that the animal sometimes eats. What do you think of such an interesting “business” deal?

And it can also regenerate organs and tissue, including parts of the brain. More than that, if it loses a limb, it can grow a new one!

1. A shoebill Has 3D-vision And Often Freezes Without Moving For Hours.

1. A shoebill has 3D-vision and often freezes without moving for hours.

A shoebill is a huge bird that looks more like a feathered dinosaur with a crazy stare. Many habits show that this bird is a descendant of the extinct reptiles: shoebills can spend hours being completely still, they spit water on eggs to cool them down, and they see the world in 3D thanks to the unusual positioning of its eyes.

What strange and unusual animals have you seen? Tell us in the comment section below!

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