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In the era of the internet, anyone can find out a multitude facts about our world. Still, there are the facts that are hard to believe in. For example, that white bears are not white at all and that mushrooms are more animals than plants.

GIGGAG collected 12 true facts for you that you have probably never even thought about.

12. If you Fall Through The Earth, It will Take You About 38 minutes To reach The Other Side.

12. If you fall through the Earth, it will take you about 38 minutes to reach the other side.

Physicists from McGill University in Montreal have calculated that it will take a person only 38 minutes and 11 seconds to reach the other side of the planet if he falls through a hole in Earth. The speed that the person will be flying with will reach more than 5 miles per second. However, these scientists also suggest that humanity not expect a real tunnel to appear in the near future.

11. When In an unfamiliar Location, A person Tends To go to the Right, Rather Than To the Left.

11. When in an unfamiliar location, a person tends to go to the right, rather than to the left.

A professor of psychology, Stephen Bitgood, claims that in an area without any directions, a right-handed person, which is 90% of the adult population, tends to go to the right. This principle is actively used by marketers placing products on shelves from left to right starting with the cheapest ones and finishing with the ones that are more expensive, therefore, foreseeing the trajectory of buyers.

5. Chocolate Makes us Smarter.

5. Chocolate makes us smarter.

Doctor Franz Messerli conducted research and found out that the consumption of chocolate can improve the mental abilities of a person. And though he confessed that the experiment was held for fun, he still managed to outline a direct connection between the amount of chocolate consumed in different countries with the amount of those countries’ Nobel laureates.

4. Medical Workers In Great Britain Are Not Allowed To wear Rings At work.

4. Medical workers in Great Britain are not allowed to wear rings at work.

The hands of doctors and nurses should be ready for work at any time. But the space on the finger behind a ring can stay contaminated and it can be really difficult to take off. Therefore, in order to not lose precious time while taking a ring off, medical workers are forbidden to wear them at all. The only exception is for religious decoration.

It’s not without reason why Erika Eiffel has this famous last name. No, she is not a descendant of Gustave Eiffel, she is...the wife of the Eiffel Tower. In 2007, she officially registered her marriage with this famous place of interest in Paris. She had been having a pretty long relationship with a bow named Lance before the tower. By the way, Erika Eiffel is not the only person who’s had strong feelings toward objects.

1. While Pyramids Were Being Built, Mammoths Were Roaming The Planet.

1. While Pyramids were being built, mammoths were roaming the planet.

Though wooly mammoths are thought to have completely died by the end of the Pleistocene epoch, there were still some of them that managed to survive on the far and isolated island of Wrangel. They lived there until about 4000 years ago which is several centuries after the Pyramid of Giza had been built. Scientists believe that this small island drifted apart from the mainland carrying a small group of these giants on it, having saved their population for quite a long period of time.

Which of these facts impressed you the most? Please let us know in the comments!

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