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Very often, people associate marketing with different rip-off techniques, but it’s not always true. Sincere companies and talented advertising professionals can create really cool and useful things when they put their minds together.

GIGGAG has gathered several examples of friendly marketing just for you that we really hope to see more often.

McDaniel was inspired by a plain, plastic coffee cup when he was designing these shelters. He thought that they should be stable, light-weight, easy to transport, and ready to be sent off at a moment’s notice. When rested on each other, these shelters remind us of a pack of disposable plastic coffee cups.

Four people are enough to move and position each shelter. Each housing unit provides shelter for at least four people in the most dreadful of circumstances. Who would have thought that such an amazing idea for emergency shelters would be inspired by something as simple as a plastic coffee cup?

Are there any examples of people-friendly marketing in your city? Share your photos with us in the comments.

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