Genius Trick Reveals That We’ve Been Eating Pineapples Wrong Our Entire Lives

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When it comes to making a fruit salad, many people save the pineapple for the very end. It’s just so cumbersome to deal with, and with all of that prickly skin, there’s no other way to slice it: you’d have to be a wizard to cut a pineapple up properly and without any trouble.

But all of that is about to change! Thanks to a technique demonstrated by one anonymous street vendor, the perfect way to slice a pineapple has been revealed to the world. It’s not only simple, but it will save you a ton of time. Get ready to be amazed!

Can You Believe How Easy That Was? Most People Take Forever To Slice And Dice A Pineapple—carefully Chipping Away At The Prickly Rind And Compromising The Fruit At The Same Time. But This Street Vendor Proved He Was Practically A Rock Star Of Pineapple Preparation…

Can you believe how easy that was? Most people take forever to slice and dice a pineapple—carefully chipping away at the prickly rind and compromising the fruit at the same time. But this street vendor proved he was practically a rock star of pineapple preparation…

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