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What do we know about Canada besides maple syrup, hockey, and police on horseback? Well, more than 100,000 people move to Canada every year and they stay there. Let’s try to figure out what’s so great about this country.

We at GIGGAG did some digging and we would like to share what we’ve come up with. Who knows? Maybe we’ll even inspire some of our readers to move to Canada!

6. Canadian Money Doesn’t Get Destroyed By water And It can Reveal Unexpected Secrets.

6. Canadian money doesn’t get destroyed by water and it can reveal unexpected secrets.

Canadian money is not just unusual, it’s unbelievable: firstly, nothing will happen to it if you put it in the water. You can even wash it with soap. The secret is that it’s made of plastic instead of paper. Secondly, Canadian dollars have a hidden hologram hidden inside the maple leaf. It’s not a money bill, it’s more of a video game artifact!

Some people also claim that Canadian money smells like classic maple syrup.

8. Very, Very Kind Policemen.

8. Very, very kind policemen.

If you think that this policeman wanted to check her business license, you are wrong. He wants to buy a glass of lemonade from this little girl. How cute is that?

You can find millions of pictures on the internet about this fact. For example, this is the way Captain Canada would look like if he existed. And the best thing is that if you joke about the stereotypical politeness with a Canadian person, they will laugh with you. Or apologize.

10. They Saved A forest Twice As big As Belgium In Canada.

10. They saved a forest twice as big as Belgium in Canada.

Well, when it comes to nature, Canadians become serious and unbreakable. The industry became a threat to a unique broad-leafed forest, the last one of its kind on the planet. It is so big that it’s even named the “Great Bear.” So, in 2016, they made a decision to use 15% of the forest in the industry, and 85% should be left for the planet. “We should come up with ideas how to change the economic models and save the place where we live.” This is the Canadian approach to preserving nature.

11. Justin Trudeau Is the Prime Minister.

11. Justin Trudeau is the Prime Minister.

What is so special about the Canadian Prime Minister? Well, where do we start? Everything is cool about Justin Trudeau: from his colorful socks to the elegant way he goes shopping for food in chain supermarkets like a usual person. He looks more like a novel character than a politician: he does yoga, he hugs pandas, and he is a very handsome man, you have to admit that!

13. They Are Very Honest.

13. They are very honest.

This pile of change and tickets was on a broken turnstile on one of the subway stations in Canada before the workers fixed it. If something is broken, it doesn’t mean that you can break the law and ride for free. At least, that’s what the Canadians think.

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