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Rollercoaster pics are awesome! Many families have them in their home somewhere, usually with dad looking terrified in the back, to his eternal embarrassment.

What started as a fun way for the theme parks to squeeze a bit of extra cash out of the customers, has turned into an opportunity to get a memorable snap that families and friends talk about for years. Some of them are clearly pre-planned, as people go to amazingly elaborate lengths to get the shot. You can just imagine the tension as they queue to pick up the photos… were they timed correctly? Were we facing the right way? Crap, we gotta go back and do it again!

We here at GIGGAG have compiled a list of our favourite rollercoaster photos. From the classic looks of absolute terror, to some of those elaborate set-ups, the list has got ‘em all. Scroll down to check them out below, and upvote your own favourites!

#9 Keep Arms And Legs Inside The Roller Coaster

#9 Keep Arms And Legs Inside The Roller Coaster

Kevin hart laughing in the back.The guy next to him who regrets getting on the ride.The guy next to the armless guy, who either is his friend and staged the photo, either is gonna need therapy for the next of his life.The guy in the first row, who is chill af.the girl next to him, who looks like she met her bff at the mall. This photo is wild.

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