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The internet plays a tremendous role in people’s lives. Thanks to it, we know a lot about unusual things, events, and people. Still, sometimes we come across really strange things that it’s hard to believe in.

GIGGAG collected almost 2 dozen pictures that made thousands of people rack their brains until they figured out what they were looking at. If you are good at detective puzzles, try to understand what’s depicted in the photos without looking at their descriptions!

13. A strange Road Sign

13. A strange road sign

The first such signs were installed near cotton factories. Due to severe working conditions, workers faced a complicated lung disease. Forced to sleep in a sitting position, they often had naps on the terraces during the day. These signs by the road warned drivers to be quiet. Now they are installed next to houses where people who need peace and quiet live — next to hospices, for example.

9. “Hard Shell With A single Barb On one End. Several Washed Up on the Beach. And It doesn’t Look Like A seashell.”

9. “Hard shell with a single barb on one end. Several washed up on the beach. And it doesn’t look like a seashell.”

If you have a parrot, you have probably bought this item for your pet as a source of calcium. It is a cuttlebone.

It was once used for producing tooth powder, but today it is used mostly by jewelers because this bone has a very high melting temperature, and it is easy to give it the desired casting form and pour gold into it afterward.

1. “What Is this Thing Seen In the Museum Of Natural Sciences? It didn’t Have Any Tag.”

1. “What is this thing seen in the Museum of Natural Sciences? It didn’t have any tag.”

It is a Jenny Haniver — a figure made of dried bones of rays or skates. Some time ago, sailors from Antwerp used to entertain themselves by giving out these created figures and saying they were sea demons. Some scientists even tried to solve the mystery through careful studies.

Have you ever faced any strange and unexplainable objects? Please share your stories in the comments!

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