There’s A New Trend Where People Share Unusual Friends Visiting Their Windows, And We Can’t Get EnoughTranslate

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Some unexpected visitors at your window are more welcome than others. Pretty much all human beings are a creepy no. Maybe you have seen that menacing kangaroo creepily tapping the window with its huge claws? Hell no!

Birds, on the other hand are generally a beautiful sight to behold, waiting patiently at your window and looking inquisitively inside. Some people (known as ‘twitchers’), go to great lengths to get a sight of some of these birds, travelling around the world for just a glimpse. These lucky folks don’t even have to leave their couch!

We here at GIGGAG have compiled a list of times when birds and humans became buddies, and our feathered friends began to stop by for a visit. Scroll down below to check it out, and feel free to add your own ‘twitcher’ pics!

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