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Necessity is the mother of invention. When we need a quick solution to a sudden problem, our creativity is often limitless. Whether this creativity is improving things or bringing even more problems is another question.

We at GIGGAG collected some hilarious examples of human creativity. It is up to you to decide whether these are examples of total failure or brilliant engineering success.

1. That Chair Rocks!

1. That chair rocks!

Your wife asked you to make a rocking chair for the front porch, and you made it from the available materials in less than 5 minutes.

2. Crate Bed Frame

2. Crate bed frame

Is your house full of empty milk or beer crates? Don’t throw them away! According to some DIY design experts, you can make a bed or a sofa frame out of them.

3. Functional Soap Dispenser

3. Functional soap dispenser

This natural-born engineer could not figure out how to refill the soap dispenser, but he did find a quick, easy, and working solution for the problem.

5. Shopping Cart Front Wheel

5. Shopping cart front wheel

Another solution for an absent front wheel: this 5-wheel bike not only moves but also accommodates your supermarket purchases. But the problem of turning and occasional pebbles on the road remains.

12. Tennis Ball Suspension Lift

12. Tennis ball suspension lift

Stacking tennis balls inside the rear coil springs can apparently increase the stiffness and boost the stock spring rate in stock class. Is it a coincidence that there are no comments from people who tried this method?

20. World’s Largest Game Of Jenga

20. World’s largest game of Jenga

I would avoid tanking at the gas station where the roof is fixed like that.

Would you want to use any of these ideas? Have you ever applied your creativity and engineering skills to fix something? Did it work? Share your opinion and stories in the comments.

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