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Every country has its own special features. Some of them are really interesting and useful, so we get sad when we realize that our own country doesn’t have such things. However, there are other things that make you say, “Why did they even invent it?”

GIGGAG wants to share a few things that are absolutely normal for people in the US but really surprise people from other countries.

Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposal

In the US, most people separate different kinds of trash. To make the process easier, they invented a very convenient device. There is a garbage disposal machine in every kitchen sink. What is does is shred food waste so that it goes down the drain without any problems. Another advantage of this is that there is no bad smell from the trash, and organic stuff doesn’t get mixed in with other trash.

Fluoridated Water

Fluoridated water

In the 20th century, they started using fluoridated water in the US. This makes it possible to drink tap water without filtering it. Another cool thing is that such water makes teeth more healthy. It prevents the decay of teeth and doesn’t let acid-forming bacteria reproduce.

Air Conditioners

Air conditioners

Of course, there are air conditioners in other countries, but only in the US are they planned right from the moment the first draft of a future house is made. Most of the time, they use so-called “channel conditioners” that don’t just make a room colder but also make the air fresher because they are connected to the outside.

Packaged Potatoes

Packaged potatoes

It seems that this surprises almost everyone. People from other countries are used to buying potatoes in big bags, and they rarely think about buying just a few potatoes. But in the US, you can buy potatoes that are individually wrapped.

Phone Numbers With Letters

Phone numbers with letters

The Americans even came up with something unusual with their phone numbers. Most people are used to the fact that phone numbers only contain digits — but not the Americans. They decided to add letters too.

Road Signs

Road signs

All drivers know what road signs mean, and so do some pedestrians. But to make absolutely sure that everybody knows everything, they decided to add text to all signs in the US.

Public Transport For The Disabled

Public transport for the disabled

All kinds of public transportation in the US make it very easy for people with disabilities to get on and off the vehicle. In addition, the sidewalks in the US are usually straight and flat, and the ramps are low, which makes it easier to move around.

What special features are there in your country? Share them with us in the comment section below!

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