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So far, human cloning seems like an X file for Mulder & Scully to solve. There are some cosplayers, however, who pay so much attention to detail, they start looking like genetically identical copies of the people they're portraying. GIGGAG has compiled a list of some of the most unbelievable times cosplay got too real, and it will fool your eyes.

From The Office's Dwight Schrute to Game Of Thrones' Jon Snow, these impersonations look just like the actual characters themselves. Of course, sharing a similar appearance helps, but all of these cosplayers don't limit themselves to just abusing it. They study mannerisms, facial expressions, everything that brings them closer to becoming a perfect doppelganger. Scroll down to check out the ghostly doubles and vote for your favorites!

#6 Edward Scissorhands Cosplay

#6 Edward Scissorhands Cosplay

This is amazing! Of course, in cosplay, the costume often takes way more effort than the makeup, and the work this person put in is tremendous! and well worth it! Well done!

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