Russian Guy Creates Low-Cost Cosplays From Household Objects, And His 54K+ Followers On Instagram Can’t Get EnoughTranslate

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Remember the Lowcostplay guy from Thailand who creates crappy cosplays using stuff he finds at home? Turns out, he has a serious competitor in Russia. Alexander Kravets from Moscow explores deeper levels of ridiculousness by recreating popular movies, TV scenes, games, or pictures of celebrities using only the things that he can find around him.

Alexander discovered his passion for cosplay in 2015 and since then he's been brightening the days of almost 55k followers on Instagram. He calls his work zero-budget, “suitable” cosplay which he creates using stuff any person would be able to find at home: frying pans, hair dryers, various food products, towels, toys, household items or even his dog. Who says eye-catching costumes have to cost a fortune?

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I want to see faces of people seeing him on that balcony :D plz

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