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Among the multitudes of photos of the past, there are some that show the history from a different perspective. The best of theses images can help you to imagine better than any book or movie what it was really like to live through that moment, now lost forever.

GIGGAG has picked out 20 fascinating shots which fit this description perfectly. Take a look.

You have no chance of attracting her attention if your opponent is Alain Delon. Even if you’re Mick Jagger.


Osama bin Laden on vacation with his family, Sweden, 1970.


Alfred Hitchcock playing with his grandchildren, 1960.

Princeton University students after a snowball fight, 1893.


George Lucas and Steven Spielberg playing with water pistols, Sri Lanka, 1983.

A one-hundred-and-six-year-old Armenian woman defends her house, 1990.


A five-megabyte hard drive is shipped by IBM, 1956.


French women who have been accused of having affairs with German soldiers are stripped down to their underwear, some with heads shaved, as part of their public humiliation, 1944.


Ernest Hemingway after one of his parties.

Women protest against the forced wearing of the hijab in Iran after the Islamic Revolution, 1979.

Audrey Hepburn shopping with her pet fawn, Beverly Hills, 1958.


A Frenchman gives a light to Winston Churchill, 1944.


A smoking break during the construction of the RCA building, 1932.


The seal on the doors of the tomb of Tutankhamen, 1922. It had remained intact for an incredible 3,245 years.

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