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To make life easier, moms and dads often use little tricks to keep their kids happy and entertained...or at least to keep them out of trouble! Here are some of the best that we at GIGGAG think every parent needs to know. You’ll be amazed at how simple they are and at how effectively they work!

Potato Stamps

Potato stamps
Carve out a simple shape on a piece of potato, and give it to your child to use as a stamp for painting.

A Saucer For Ice Cream

A saucer for ice cream
It turns out there is actually a way to stop them covering everything in ice cream — cut a hole through a paper plate and pass the cone (or popsicle stick) right through it.

A Sponge Necklace

A sponge necklace
This is a great trick for keeping your child cool in the summer heat. Make a necklace out of pieces of sponge and periodically make the pieces wet and hang it around their neck.

Window Stickers

Window stickers
A great way to stop your children from getting bored during a long journey is to give them reusable stickers which can be easily removed from glass.

A Canvas For Young Minds

A canvas for young minds
A child can be kept occupied for hours with drawing. A great way to facilitate this is to tape down some clear plastic sheets on the floor to give them a large canvas. Just remember to make sure they know where they can draw and where they can’t!

Watermelon Slices

Watermelon slices
To make it easier for your kids to eat watermelon, and to make sure they don’t need a wash afterwards, slice it like this.

Helping With Your Workout

Helping with your workout
You can always ask your child to help you do your workout. That way they’ll be kept busy, but they will also fulfill a useful role at the same time.

Liquid Chalk

Liquid chalk
A great alternative for a drawing activity is to mix some brightly colored chalk with water, give your kid a brush, and let them draw on the sidewalk with it.

A Whole City On The Asphalt

A whole city on the asphalt
Draw a town map on the sidewalk which shows your home, the school, and the houses of your friends and relatives. A task like this can occupy your child for hours on end.

A shower Cap And A coffee Cup Lid

A shower cap and a coffee cup lid
This special shower cap protects a baby’s eyes from shampoo and water. To turn a coffee cup lid into a drip catcher, push the popsicle stick through the spout of an upside-down plastic lid.

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