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We are given plenty of information during our history lessons at school and we are told stories and facts about famous historical figures and events that happened at the different periods of time in the past. Yet, we are not presented with the full information. Even when we are talking about renowned people, we should not forget that once they were young too and that they were occupied with ordinary everyday things.

Below we are offering you a collection of historical pictures that present well-known people or events. Thanks to these photos now you can see those famous people from a completely different angle.

3. That Is Hitler At The Age Of 24?

3. That is Hitler at the age of 24?

Hitler’s role in WWI was not so remarkable as in WWII: he was just a common soldier with a funny mustache. His fellow soldiers spoke of him as an excellent and brave soldier. In October 1918, he was temporarily blinded by a British gas shell and was hospitalized. While in the hospital, Hitler learned of Germany’s defeat, which was a great shock to him... You know what happened next.

2. A photo Of The Armenian Genocide.

2. A photo of the Armenian Genocide.

This photo’s origin is still argued about. One version is that this shot, together with several others, was produced just after the end of WWI in order to raise funds to help Armenian Genocide survivors. This photo is meant to depict a Turk official taunting Armenian children with bread.

Bonus: The Era Before The Photoshop

Bonus: The era before the Photoshop

For several years, a black-and-white photograph purporting to show a man holding an enormous grasshopper has been widely shared on social media.  The image showing a man holding a three-foot long grasshopper is not real. This picture was created as a prank in the 1930s and continues to fool viewers today.

On the other hand, it’s an amusing example of photo editing before Photoshop. And it has a story to tell. In fact, giant grasshoppers were popular subjects for postcards during the 1930s when grasshoppers were a common pest.

Preview photo credit Galt Museum & Archives, magnum photos

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amazing , exploring interesting facts of the geniuses !!
Juli..Before to write something is better to learn history..Mother Teresa..Real NAME GONXHE BOJAXHI IS Albanian.from mother and father side..In Albanian Land..only after 1918 this land the big potentials Country gives to Sllave..but and TODAY in this country you call MACEDONIA live more then 800 thousands Albanian people..Don't put fake news or you learn more about history..Fuck..TEREZA himself says I'm Albania blood with INDIAN nationality..Nothing with new Macedonian.. nothing..f..you..
For your information Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu also known as Mother Teresa was ALBANIAN..
WTF Mother Teresa Macedonian ???? she is from Albania/Kosovo :@
Thanks for the pics. Sorry for these pranks telling you off about mother teresa in such a stupid way
That is not "Macedonian traditional costume". Bitch is albanian slut. Fucking child molester! Hope the fucking dike is cooking in hell!
I think they amended the title, now it says Teresa in Macedonian costume not from Macedonia. Perhaps the author aware of her mistake after seeing all the comments?
Apologies for my writing mistake, yes it was meant to be a girl in in traditional Macedonian costumes.
Armenian Genecide???? This is a big game from European and Usa. Many many people dead at war but Turks never do that. We are very good warrior may be the best all over the world but A turkish soldier never kill woman or children.
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