10+ Cosplay Artists Reveal How They Improved Over The Years, And You Can Clearly See The DifferenceTranslate

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Nobody’s born knowing. Even if sometimes the goals we set for ourselves seem unobtainable, enough dedication and hard work may finally lead to success. And these cosplay artists prove it right.

Cosplayers are sharing their then-and-now pictures of how their costumes have improved over the years. By showing their very first and the most recent attempt recreating the same characters, these guys are encouraging people not to give up on their dreams because every one of us has to start somewhere, and the beginning might not always be as satisfying as you’ve imagined. Scroll down to see the amazing cosplay evolution for yourself and don’t forget – practice makes perfect! (h/t)



I really like this one, and you can see how her talents developed through the years. Compared to the other ones whos only difference is they are now wearing makeup, or their boobs developed to show off more.

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