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Nowadays one can hardly imagine life without a cell phone. It’s a communication device with news, work, books, movies, music, games, and the internet all in one gadget. But very often the battery runs down so quickly that it’s not even enough for one day.

GIGGAG found out the reasons why your phone’s battery decreases so quickly. Check if it is you who "influences" the battery level.

You Don’t Clean The Charging Port.

You don’t clean the charging port.

Remember to always clean your mobile device. Not only should you wipe the phone’s screen but you should also clean the charging port as some lint and other debris from our pockets might get stuck here. Use a Q-tip with a sharpened end or a toothpick for cleaning it out.

You Use Bright Wallpaper.

You use bright wallpaper.

When checking the time, text messages, or missed calls, you always look at the main display of your phone. A bright and colorful wallpaper on your phone’s main screen can really "eat up" the battery. Hence, it’s better to use black-and-white wallpaper. This will help conserve your smartphone battery.

You Always Carry Your Phone In your Hand.

You always carry your phone in your hand.

Try not to always carry your phone in your hands when the weather is hot. Due to the high temperature, the smartphone heats up as well. In addition, the warmth of your hands brings an even greater chance of the phone battery overheating and, as a result, running low.

Background Programs Are Running.

Background programs are running.

After checking Instagram, messengers, or other applications, people very often simply wrap them up without closing. Hence, the programs keep consuming the battery while operating in the background. So remember to close all windows from time to time.

You Use The Max Screen Brightness.

You use the max screen brightness.

When in a building, try to lower the brightness of your screen at least by 30-40%. This amount of light is usually more than enough to see all the information on the display. Moreover, it will help to extend the life of your battery dramatically. When outside, don’t use the max brightness level either. It’s better to use the auto-brightness function to help you see the phone screen even in the sun. Plus, it will turn off after 15 minutes.

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