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If you want to lose some weight, this story will definitely inspire you to tackle those excess pounds Rocky-style. Esbeidy Barrera was unhappy with her body, so she decided to make a change and hasn’t looked back ever since.

“Being the socially awkward/lame person that I am, I’m internally screaming because I’m a few pounds down from last time I weighed myself,” the 19-year-old writes. “I’ve never been this darn happy.”

Barrera claims she allows herself an occasional OREO cookie or other dirty pleasure. “I don’t believe in diets, <…> I just try to be careful.” She eats everything, only in moderation and it’s clearly working wonders! Combined with regular cardio and weight training, this helped Barrera to reduce her weight from 223 lbs (101 kg) to 144 lbs (65 kg) in slightly less than 2 years.

“I’m still alive from working out twice a day (if work doesn’t get in the way), waking up at 5 am to go to the gym, be at school at 8 am and then go to work until 11 pm BUT I got goals to reach.” If you ask me, she definitely deserves to be in GIGGAG’s list of inspiring people who shredded unwanted pounds, using willpower and hard work.

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