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Japan is an incredible country. What amazes us the most about the Land of the Rising Sun is that it rapidly produces lots of wonderful and useful things every year. We can’t help but admire all the beauty and splendor of Japanese culture, and we can’t wait to see the greatest achievements of Japanese creative minds used by the rest of the world.

We at GIGGAG selected 16 cool things from Japan to tickle your imagination.

3. Automatic Bicycle Parking System

3. Automatic bicycle parking system

To solve the problem of overcrowded bike racks and storage, the city authorities developed an underground bicycle parking system. The complex itself looks like an elevator. You simply pay for the service, place the bicycle on the runway, and wait for the doors to open. Then the automatic system takes care of the rest. In order to get your bike back, you simply need to hold your card up to the scanner located next to the parking door.

2. Cooling Spray

2. Cooling spray

This spray helps Japanese people cool down on a hot summer day. It also comes in the form of a gel, the cooling effect of which lasts for several hours, and in the form of foam, which feels like a cold soda when applied to the skin.

1. Dispen Pak

1. Dispen Pak

A super convenient package for liquid condiments and sauces. Fold the package in half, and gently squeeze it to push the contents out of the hole in the center.

Bonus: Work Ethics

Bonus: Work ethics

People in Japan take their work so seriously that it is almost an honor to stay at the office for overtime. They usually work their "hands to the bone," sometimes falling asleep anywhere — from public transport to the streets.

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