12 Unsolved Historical Mysteries Finally Solved

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Millennia of history left us with numerous mysteries that scientists still can’t crack. However, thanks to new technologies, parts of them have finally been solved.
GIGGAG selected a few ancient secrets that our contemporaries managed to unveil. Read to the end to find out an astonishing fact about Christianity!

2. The Lost Crew Of the Mary Celeste

The Mary Celeste was a famous ghost ship found in 1872 without a trace of her crew or any damage.
Chemist Dr. Andrea Sella conducted an experiment that explained the phenomenon. There were about 1,700 barrels of alcohol in the ship’s cargo hold that could’ve caught fire and made an "invisible explosion," in which a wall of fire is followed by a wave of cool air, thus leaving no fire or soot. The crew could have abandoned ship and perished in the sea.
2. The lost crew of the Mary Celeste


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