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Anybody who thinks cats are lazy clearly haven’t met Sir Whines-A-Lot, because this kitty keeps himself super busy…stealing other people’s cash!

He’s a rescue cat who lives at the office of Tulsa-based marketing firm GuRuStu, and his antics were rumbled when the founder, Stuart McDaniel, came to work one morning and found some money by the door where Sir Whines-A-Lot usually hangs out. “It kept happening, but we didn’t know why. So we decided to test a theory,” Stuart told The Dodo. “We tried sliding money through the gap in the door, and the cat hopped up and snatched it.”

Stuart guessed that the sneaky feline had been encouraging passersby to play with him through the door, and that they’d been using dollar bills as makeshift cat toys. “I’m guessing the first people didn’t intend to lose their dollar,” McDaniel said. “They probably put it in to mess with him, and he snatched it. When you hold money there, he’ll bat at it playfully at first, like, ‘Oh, that’s kinda fun.’ But then all of a sudden he’ll bite it and rip it from your hand. He does it so fast, you don’t even realize what’s happened.”

As Sir Whines-A-Lot stole more and more money, Stuart decided it was only right that the cash be donated to charity, specifically one working towards helping the city’s homeless population. “He was homeless once, so it seems fitting,” McDaniel said. They’ve already raised over $100, which they donated under Sir Whines-A-Lot’s pseudonym, CASHnip Kitty. According to his Facebook page, “Cashnip Kitty is a hustler with a philanthropic heart. He will snatch your money and donate it to the Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless. Cashnip Kitty says, “Slide a dollar through the slot and great blessings will follow”.

More info: Facebook (h/t: thedodo)

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