Opening A Light Bulb And Adding A Few Drops Of Water Has This Magical EffectTranslate

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The lightbulb is the universal sign for a great idea, and is it any wonder why? After all, it provides us with a steady amount of light and its invention revolutionized the way we interact with our day-to-day worlds.

But when a bulb burns out, it’s practically useless… well, almost. Time to dispose of the bulb and never to think of it again, right? Not so fast! That burned-out bulb—heck, even a brand spankin’ new one—can easily be repurposed for a project that will brighten anyone’s home.

Grab your pliers and don your protective gloves: science class is now in session! Today, we’re modifying a light bulb to be more than just a great idea. You’re turning it into an entire tiny terrarium!

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