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Considered to be some of the most intelligent and vulnerable animals that ever lived on our planet, elephants are very emotional and if something is bothering them it is not difficult to see that. Similar to many humans, these animals wear their hearts on their sleeves. 

Below you will see images of a mother elephant in India. Her behavior was so consistent and serious, that she attracted a large group of villagers. 

The elephant was digging a hole for as long as 11 hours without stopping for a second, so the bystanders were sure that something was off. Elephants are not just capable of emotions, but they have strong familial bonds.

The mother elephant was digging up to save her young calf that had fallen into the muddy hole and had stuck there. She was doing everything possible to bring her baby to safety.

The villagers could not do a lot to help her, as her calf was too heavy for them to lift. So, all they could do was to encourage her and hope for a miracle. 

The rescuing process was difficult as at one point instead of removing the mud trapping the small elephant in the pit, the mother elephant accidentally began adding more dirt into the hole and thus her baby was becoming more and more buried.

The villagers feared that if they approached the hole to remove the elephant somehow, the mother elephant would think are attacking her baby and would try to trample them. 

Then the villagers came with a plan: using a few banana trucks they frightened the mother off so that they can step in. 

As the mother elephant was at a safe distance, they removed great part of the mud around baby and allowed the mother to approach. 

With that help, the mother wrapped her trunk around the body of her baby and she managed to pull him out. 

What a happy ending that is! 

Thanks to the villages, the mother elephant managed to dig up her calf!

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