Siberian Husky Is Adorably Terrified Of His Owner’s Green Hair ClipTranslate

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One of the cutest—but most confounding—things about dogs is how they sometimes become irrationally scared or feisty about random items for no apparent reason. It can be both amusing as well as perplexing to watch a pup get all worked up about something like a broom being swept around the house!

While certain appliances, like noisy vacuum cleaners, seem to be the cause of some common anxieties for our four-legged friends, other objects that you’d never expect can set them off, too—with predictably funny results.

Take Hiro the Siberian husky, for example. Usually he’s not scared of much, but when his owner pulls out one very particular item and begins to flash it in front of him, this typically courageous canine loses his nerve!

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