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When you think of horrific events that have taken place over the course of history, you most likely attribute them to war, disease, and natural disasters. Those are three of the biggest culprits of human suffering.

But, you probably didn’t know that food has also caused a lot of serious problems during certain periods in the past. You might not think that something as unassuming as what we eat has caused a lot of turmoil, but you’d be surprised!

Here are 10 foods that, throughout history, have been the cause of some very problematic events…

1. Bread: During The 1800s, The Population Of England Was Rapidly Growing, And By 1850, London Had Become The Largest City In The World. This Sudden Spike Resulted In More Demand For Food, Which Created A Horrible Shortage. Since There Weren’t Enough Ingredients Available, Bread Manufacturers Started Stuffing Their Loaves With Any Material They Could Find—and Not Necessarily Edible, Either—so They Could Produce As Much As Possible. Things Like Chalk, Toxic Alum, And Plaster Of Paris Made Their Way Into Dough, Leading To An Epidemic Of Severe Stomach Problems And Even Death In Some Cases.

1. Bread: During the 1800s, the population of England was rapidly growing, and by 1850, London had become the largest city in the world. This sudden spike resulted in more demand for food, which created a horrible shortage. Since there weren’t enough ingredients available, bread manufacturers started stuffing their loaves with any material they could find—and not necessarily edible, either—so they could produce as much as possible. Things like chalk, toxic alum, and plaster of Paris made their way into dough, leading to an epidemic of severe stomach problems and even death in some cases.

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