Israeli Artist Draws Doodles On Herself To Change The Way We Think About Our Bodies (NSFW)Translate

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Tel Aviv-based artist Sophia Weisstub doesn't do tattoos, but she's surprisingly skilled at turning her body into an effective canvas. In fact, her work is directly inspired by human anatomy, and how our society has come to view it.

Though Weisstub is a skilled painter, photographer, and photo editor, she relies on a more simple medium to create her most popular pieces - doodling. By layering various sketches (ranging from animals to sensually-posed bodies) over snapshots of her lips, eyes, nose, and ears, she brings cheeky and risquée images to life, and shines new light on the close relationship shared between art and nature. "We are naturally, constantly and unconsciously inspired by our body," Weisstub told Sleek Magazine. "The body in my work transforms from my own to a universal representation. It becomes the body of everyone and anyone..."

The Israeli illustrator's work not only comments on human sexuality, but on how people have become disconnected from and even afraid of our own bodies. By portraying positive images of sex and intimacy, she combats the influence of objectification, slut-shaming, and porn-driven stereotypes. "Sex in itself is a positive thing, and one can only regret that our culture portrays it negatively," she further commented.

Get inspired by the inventive and fun artwork of Sophia Weisstub below, though look over your shoulder first to make sure no one is giggling at your screen.

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Ok, I don't see a reference to sex in this one, though BPanda rubs "sex" theme in my eyes with the title and description :]


Are you effing KIDDING ME? Mature content?! Hahaha!Free the uvula!!

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