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Oregon State University/Flickr

Seven flowers have been found perfectly preserved in amber, from 100 million years ago. The flowers, discovered in Myanmar, were encased in amber in the Cretaceous period in what would have been a pine forest.

The authors of a paper studying the flowers, which are in stunning condition, speculated that they could have been dislodged from their trees by a passing dinosaur.

“Dinosaurs may have knocked the branches that dropped the flowers into resin deposits on the bark of an araucaria tree, which is thought to have produced the resin that fossilized into the amber." George Poinar Jr, professor emeritus of Oregon State University’s College of Science said in a statement.

"Araucaria trees are related to kauri pines found today in New Zealand and Australia, and kauri pines produce a special resin that resists weathering.”

The seven flowers are pretty minuscule at 3.4 to 5 millimeters in diameter, so researchers at Oregon State University studied the flowers using a microscope, and were stunned by the condition the flowers were in.

“The amber preserved the floral parts so well that they look like they were just picked from the garden,” Poinar said.

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