Farmer Thinks His Hen Laid An Egg Before Realizing What’s Really Underneath Her

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Chickens are generally considered to be fairly distant animals. Sure, they’re fluffy and feathery and very social with each other, but they can be territorial and skittish, too—especially around humans.

It also doesn’t help that wild animals like hawks and foxes find them tasty. So it’s no surprise that they tend to be on edge most of the time. This hen, however, was quite a bit different!

She was protectively sitting on what one would assume to be an egg… but the reality was enough to make any animal lover squeal in delight!


Hens Are Known For Using Their Own Bodies To Protect Their Young And Keep Them Warm. It Only Makes Sense, Right? Chicken Eggs Need To Be Incubated, And Hatched Chicks Require Lots Of Warmth To Survive. Still, One Particular Hen’s Relationship With A Not-so-typical “chick” Just Might Be Evidence That The Birds Might Be More Cuddly Than We Give Them Credit For.

Hens are known for using their own bodies to protect their young and keep them warm. It only makes sense, right? Chicken eggs need to be incubated, and hatched chicks require lots of warmth to survive. Still, one particular hen’s relationship with a not-so-typical “chick” just might be evidence that the birds might be more cuddly than we give them credit for.

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