TV Cameraman Finds Bizarre Scratches After Being ‘Shoved By A Spirit’ During FilmingTranslate

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When it comes to paranormal phenomena, some people staunchly believe it exists, while others think it’s simply a figment of an imagination gone wild. That is, until they experience it themselves.

There have been plenty of skeptics who have become believers after a creepy run-in with the unknown. Sometimes, something so unsettling happens to them that they’re forced to accept the possibility that otherworldly forces may be at play.

Recently, a team of paranormal investigators called Spirit Team were filming at Fort Widley, an abandoned transit depot in Portsmouth, England, that was rumored to be haunted. The crew spent all day in the building and, much to their disappointment, didn’t find any signs of ghostly entities. But, just before they wrapped up shooting, something happened that left them all trembling with fear…

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