When This Barber Was Quoted £1000 For The New Shop Floor He Decided To Cover It With 70,000 Pennies InsteadTranslate

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When a barber shop owner, Rich Holtham, got an estimate of £1000 for the new shop floor, he decided he can do better. So instead, he exchanged 700 pounds to 70,000 pennies and covered the whole floor with them.

“We wanted a new floor but the cost of getting it done was expensive and we wanted to do something a bit more unusual, so we looked at a few different ideas online,” Rich told Daily Mail. The whole barber shop crew spent a full week gluing the coins to the ground, and that’s excluding the gap grouting that was done after.

“We had to take our own cash to the bank and we had to take hundreds of pennies out a day,” explained the owner of 4 barber shops across the UK. “In the end, we took out £700 worth of pennies. That’s 70,000 coins.”

In the end, the barber shop got not only the coolest floor in town, but also some free advertising: “We have had a lot of interest in the floor, to be fair. Passers-by keep coming into the shop to take a few photos. We have gained a lot of business from it.”

(h/t: dailymail, demilked)

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