Sculptor Spends 2 Years To Build Knife Angel Out Of 100,000 Weapons, However Government Rejects ItTranslate

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There’s a giant 26-foot-tall Knife Angel sculpture in the UK, built entirely out of 100,000 donated knives. But besides the impressive statistics, it’s also a monument built out of morbid necessity to remember the victims fallen to the increasing knife violence in the United Kingdom and to finally acknowledge that there is a real problem.

The angel’s creator, Alfie Radley, has spent two years designing and building the sculpture which features police donated knives that were actually used in violent crimes all over England and Wales, some of which even have the names of the victims engraved onto the blades. The rest came thanks to the help of British Ironwork Centre in Shropshire, which initiated an amnesty program “Save a Life, Surrender Your Knife,” through which people could anonymously donate their knives to the project.

Besides cleaning every knife of ‘biological material,’ Alfie also “had to blunt every single knife to make sure they’re not sharp anymore, and can’t create any damage,” Radley told ITV News.

Radley is currently running a petition to put the sculpture on Trafalgar square in London to raise awareness of the issue, and you can show your support right here.

More info: British Ironwork Centre (h/t: demilked)

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NO! Absolutely NOT!That thing is a Death Trap!! Imagine all the dead, dismembered PIGEONS every day all around Trafalgar Square! Imagine a BOMB placed within and a HUNDRED THOUSAND BLADES flying through the air!! Or even a double-decker bumping it over onto a crowd!! NO WAY!
Not that it isn't the Way-Coolest thing EVER.... ;)
Agreed, it's a great piece of art but some safety concern is there. It wouldn't be rejected if it's made out of metals instead of knifes, or at least unsharpened all the knives.
amazing work. real art.
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