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No matter how careful you are, at some point or another in your life, you’re going to get injured. Be it something as major as breaking a bone or as simple as scraping your knee, these painful mistakes happen!

Of course, some happen in ways that are a heck of a lot funnier than others. While most of us don’t have good stories about our bumps and bruises, that’s not true for everyone out there.

When Reddit posed the question, “What’s the dumbest way you’ve injured yourself?” people were almost too eager to share their embarrassing injuries. Read on to feel better about your own silly accidents…

3. “One time I tried to fart while playing online poker really late while my girlfriend was asleep. About half of the fart came out before I realized more was on its way out too. I caught that before it was too late and jumped up and started to run to the bathroom. I had headphones on and yanked my head to the left and pulled my tower over as I kicked a 25-pound weight on the floor, broke my toe and then [pooped] all over myself.”

4. “My friend threw their keys at me, and instead of catching them I leaned back like in The Matrix to avoid the keys, I then proceeded to fall backwards while turning resulting in my face slamming into the wall. And of course this was during the few minutes we had before our gym lesson started. Meaning the whole class saw me fall.”

5. “I had to cut away some insulation in a hard to reach area so I had the genius idea to tape a razor blade to a stick. Only I didn’t have a stick. All I had was a sawzall blade. I didn’t even make it as far as using the actual contraption. I sliced my hand open trying to duct tape the razor blade to the sawzall blade. Why didn’t I just use the sawzall blade to cut the insulation, you ask? Because I’m an idiot. That’s why.”

6. “Climbed a tree when I was about 12, fell out, broke my left arm. A week or so later, my friends dared me to climb the same tree with my left arm in a cast to my elbow. Got a branch higher than the first time, fell out, broke my right arm. Mum wasn’t happy about having to take me back to hospital to get the other arm put in a cast, too!”

10. “I was ironing and wanted to check if the iron was still hot before putting it away. I was in a silly mood and I decided, for reasons which are still unknown to me to this day, to check the temperature of the iron by putting my mouth around the top of it. Ended up burning my bottom lip and tongue pretty bad but no hospital, no permanent damage [and] no chance of my brother (who was also there) ever letting me forget it.”

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