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Since childhood, we’ve been reading and hearing a lot of "facts," the truthfulness of which we never doubted. However, many of them are artifice.
GIGGAG recalled and destroyed 11 common misconceptions. Each revelation is supported by a source, so you can learn more about it.

11. Soap Kills Bacteria.

11. Soap kills bacteria.
Actually: Soap only washes bacteria off without killing it. So why does soap work? Washing your hands with soap rids them of grease, which is the breeding ground for bacteria.

6. The Great Wall Of China Is visible From Space.

6. The Great Wall of China is visible from space.
Actually: Although the length of the Great Wall of China is more than 4,300 miles (7,000 k), it is difficult to see from space, as its color merges with nature. You can see the wall only under certain light and weather conditions, and even then only from a low orbit. Highways, on the other hand, are distinguishable more often.

4. Water Conducts Electricity.

4. Water conducts electricity.
Actually: What conducts electricity are minerals with positively and negatively charged particles, which water molecules themselves don’t have. Therefore, distilled water, because of the lack of impurities in it, does not conduct electricity.

1. Coke Dissolves Teeth.

1. Coke dissolves teeth.
Actually: The myth that a tooth placed in a glass of Coke will dissolve overnight has been perpetuated for years. This is supposedly due to the presence of three acids — phosphoric, citric, and carbonic — in the drink. However, these can be found in many beverages.
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