Rescuers Find A Desperate Pit Bull Clinging To A Fence After Floods Destroy His Home

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Stray animals have a way of finding themselves in unfortunate and dangerous situations all too often. Lost pets especially suffer from this, as their curiosity can lead them to trouble. And when no one is there to help them, the situation can become dire, fast!

When terrible storms and flash flooding hit Louisiana in August 2016, it displaced thousands of people and caused millions of dollars in property damage. The flooding also put many pets and other animals in life-threatening situations.

Thankfully, volunteer rescuers, like Mike Anderson and Darrell Watson, were more than willing to step in. The pair were combing flooded communities searching for those in need when they came across some furry friends who desperately needed a miracle…

In The Wake Of The Catastrophic storms And Flooding In Louisiana In 2016, Baton Rouge’s Mike Anderson Decided He Needed To Do Something. Not Only Did The Natural Disaster Ravage The Town, But It Left many Stranded And Lost Animals In Its Wake. Mike, Naturally, Volunteered As A Rescuer.

In the wake of the catastrophic storms and flooding in Louisiana in 2016, Baton Rouge’s Mike Anderson decided he needed to do something. Not only did the natural disaster ravage the town, but it left many stranded and lost animals in its wake. Mike, naturally, volunteered as a rescuer.

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