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An allergy is a most common condition. Its symptoms often resemble those of other illnesses, which prevents us from properly treating an allergic reaction.
GIGGAG shares several methods of recognizing some signs of an allergy, in order to treat it on time.

If you catch yourself constantly coughing, that could be a sign of an allergy. In the case of a cold, coughing comes with a sore throat and inflammation. If the latter symptoms are not present, the coughing might have been caused by an allergenic substance.

2. Skin Rashes

2. Skin rashes
It has become common to assume that a rash during a hot time of the year is nothing but mosquito bite marks and heat rashes. However, it is important to remember that even a mosquito bite can cause an allergic reaction. You should also pay attention to the body parts that come into close contact with your clothes: if there is a rash in that region, perhaps your skin is reacting to the fabric or the laundry detergent you are using.

3. Itchy Eyes, Swollen Eyelids

3. Itchy eyes, swollen eyelids
One of the most common allergic reactions is itchy and watery eyes. This symptom mostly occurs when coming into contact with pollen or pet dander. Pay close attention to the swelling on your face and other body parts. This symptom often indicates a reaction to allergenic foods.
Your doctor will be able to identify the substances that cause your allergies more precisely and accurately if you keep a journal. Write down the detailed descriptions of your allergic reactions, what conditions they occurred in, and what actions preceded them. Always have some allergy medication (antihistamines) on hand. If your allergic reactions occur more than once a week, even after you have taken antihistamine medicine, visit a doctor.

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