We Learned These Tricks at School, and They Still Work

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Some everyday tricks are so useful and simple they can come in handy to more than one generation. Yet over time, they’re somehow forgotten, and they turn into what’s called "grandma’s tips."
GIGGAG decided to recall the past and collected for you eight tricks from childhood, which everyone forgot for some reason.


If you need to approximately measure an object but there’s no ruler at hand, you can use the fingers of one hand. In accordance with the average human proportions, the distance between the tips of the thumb and forefinger is about 18 cm (7″), and the distance between the thumb and little finger is about 20 cm (7.87″).
Of course, this method isn’t absolutely accurate because each of us has a different hand size. Yet it can be useful if you need to measure a large object with a small ruler: just measure the distance between your fingers in advance.

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