13 Survival Hacks That Might Save Your Life

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Everyone has a skill they’ve honed and mastered for years, but many such things are mostly useful for our career or general education.
GIGGAG gathered the skills absolutely everyone should have. They may seem unnecessary at first glance, but each of them just might save your life one day.

3. Escaping A stray Dog Unscathed

If you’ve been unfortunate enough to meet an angry dog, there are several ways to protect yourself:
If the dog isn’t big, you can try scaring it off by pretending to pick up a stone from the ground. First, make it notice you: slowly walk to the dog, and when you’re in the center of its attention, do the trick. A small and cowardly dog will run away. If it didn’t work, you should be prepared for an attack. You may try kicking the dog in the nose when it lunges at you, but a precise kick is a rarity. A more effective way is to let the dog bite you: slowly and without turning your back to the animal, take off your coat or jacket, and wrap your arm in it. Let the dog clench its jaws around that arm, then push the clothing item into its mouth and run.
3. Escaping a stray dog unscathed

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