13 Survival Hacks That Might Save Your Life

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Everyone has a skill they’ve honed and mastered for years, but many such things are mostly useful for our career or general education.
GIGGAG gathered the skills absolutely everyone should have. They may seem unnecessary at first glance, but each of them just might save your life one day.

9. Knowing Your Way With Plumbing And Electricity

This kind of knowledge is useful in case of emergency as well as to save money. For instance, the faucet breaks while you’re washing the dishes, and the water sprays everywhere. If you don’t know how to turn it off, get a boat ready and prepare to wait for the plumber to come. And when it’s all done with the pipes, you’ll still have to do something with all the electrical appliances in the kitchen that have been covered with water. Here’s where electrician skills would come in handy.
9. Knowing your way with plumbing and electricity

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