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Any time someone falls into a coma, it’s incredibly scary for their friends and family. Even though the family can take solace in the fact that their loved one isn’t gone completely, the person is unresponsive, and there’s a good chance that their brain and body could shut down at any moment.

But sometimes miracles happen and people wake up from their comas. For whatever reason, their brains are able to regain control and get their bodies operating again. It takes some time to re-acclimate into their old life, but it’s a huge relief for everyone they know.

A 2007 news article published in the Polish paper Gazeta Dzialdowska told the story of Jan Grzebski, a railway worker who fell into a coma in 1988 after a severe injury to his head. According to the article, Jan spent 19 years lying unresponsive in a hospital bed before waking up to a very different world around him. But the true story of what happened to Jan Grzebski is even crazier…

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