10+ Times People Tried To Make A Panorama And Ended Up Opening The Gates Of HellTranslate

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Panoramic photos can be breathtaking if done right - a spectacular view stretching beyond the scope of peripheral vision, all in one photo. When left up to phone-wielding amateurs, however, they turn the world into a warped, mutated circus of fear.

Since a panorama is just a collage of images stitched together in seamless fashion to appear as one large image, the process of producing one must be handled slowly and with a steady hand. It also requires any elements being captured in the vista to stay completely still, since movement is the cause of all failed panoramas. If one element budges even slightly from the position it held in the previous frame, by the time it all fuses together, you're left with certifiable nightmare fuel.

Check out some of the most epic panorama fails GIGGAG could find below, and don't forget to add yours!

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