10+ Times Golden Retriever Puppies Were The Purest Thing In The WorldTranslate

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Golden Retrievers are one of the most pure things on Earth. I mean, everyone knows they're super friendly, they love everyone, and they're ohhh-sooo-adorable. So, what could be better than a pic of a Golden Retriever, one may ask? Well, of course - only a picture of a retriever puppy...

GIGGAG has made a compilation of photos showing Goldies when they're still little pups. Are you an owner of a Golden Retriever puppy? Don't keep all that cuteness to yourself - upload a photo below and shared it with fellow BP readers.

#9 Oh Hi There

#9 Oh Hi There
I mean he's an essential accessory for every photoshoot...EVERYTHING is better with puppies, EVERYTHING!!!

#10 Say Hi

#10 Say Hi
Oh, I'm so content, and happy just to be here with you. :D

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