16 Kids Who Didn’t Get The Right Answer But Aren’t Exactly Wrong Either

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When you’re going through school as a youngster, you spend a lot of time bent over books, trying to absorb all of the information you can. After all, when test time comes, you want to make sure you’re totally prepared for whatever your teachers will throw your way.

Sometimes, however, no matter how much time you might spend studying, your mind can just go blank when that test finally lands on your desk. It can’t be helped; in those moments, even if you know the answer, it just isn’t going to come!

That’s exactly what happened to these 16 students when they had to take their tests. However, they refused to leave their pages blank—and the results were just hilarious.

8. Remember How Teachers In School Always Used To Insist On You Showing Your Work Or Explaining Yourself? This Student Finally Puts Into Words Just How Frustrating That Can Be In The Most Glib Way Ever. This Kid Is A Total Role Model.

8. Remember how teachers in school always used to insist on you showing your work or explaining yourself? This student finally puts into words just how frustrating that can be in the most glib way ever. This kid is a total role model.

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