This Guy’s Reaction To Childbirth Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

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Like the 2017 Birth Photo Competition showed, moms go through incredible struggles to bring new life into this world. They need their partners in the delivery rooms, to hold their hand, calm them down, but sometimes their partners are the ones who are freaking out.

Spanish viral content page, Karma, has uploaded a video to their Facebook page of a guy witnessing childbirth, and people can’t get enough of it. The poor fellow is really trying to comfort his partner but horror seems to be getting the best of him. Judging from his facial expressions, he will remember that day for a very, very long time. The hilarious video has already been viewed more than 4 million times. Who knew babies aren’t brought by storks!

(h/t: scarymommy)

I must be getting old, I don't find this mildly amusing. Poor guy, getting laughed at all across the inter-wide-webs.

The truly sad thing about this, is that he later found out that he was not the father of the child. He knew this to be a posibility before the child was Born Seeing that his girlfriend slept around in the small period of time they broek up. He wanted to help raise the baby anyway. He found out later that the kid was not his (after the TV program that filmed it all had a test done, and took their sweet time giving presents to the mom and baby first). Not only did he find out that he was not the father, but she was still having contact with the guy that might be the father after promising that she would not. I felt so very sorry for him, he absolutely deserves way betters

I'm sorry, there was a TV programme that filmed in a delivery room (and humiliated the father)? And then the TV programme made a blood test of the baby to determine who was the real father? This is easily the most unethical thing I have heard for a while.

What seriously?? That's awful! That poor guy, having to deal with all this...


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