Sadly Happiness ? Nigerian Businessman Died After Being Raped By Five WivesTranslate

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A Nigerian businessman died after being raped by five of six wives. According to the Daily Mail, Uroko Onoja partied with his wives at a bar in Ugbugbu, Nigeria until next morning.Later he returned home and decided to have sex with his youngest wife. However, his five other wives became jealous, barged into his bedroom with knives and sticks and began attacking Onoja. They eventually forced Onoja to have sex with all of them as well.He had sex with four of his wives in a row. But once the fifth wife approached to have sex with Onoja, he stopped breathing and eventually died. Two of the women have been arrested and charged with murder and rape.The moral of the story ? make sure you can satisfy all your wives before you intended to get more than one.

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