The Circle of Life
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Beatle - 45 months ago
When I am old, I am no longer who I am.
Please understand me, and be patient.

When I forget how to tie my shoe,
Please teach me just like how I teach you.

When I repeated over and over again, when you already tired of hearing,
Please be patient and listen to me, do not interrupt me.

When you grew up, I had to repeat the story that talked about thousands of times,
Until you to sleep.

When I need you to help me bathe, do not blame me.
Remember when I coax you to take a bath before?

When I was overwhelmed by new technology and new things, please do not laugh at me.
Think how I patiently answered every one of your "Why."

When my feet tired and unable to walk,
Please help me with your strong hands
Like when you were a child learning to walk, I helped you did.

Please accompany me now take the final road, just like how I guide you embark on the road of life.
Give me your love and patience, I will report a grateful smile.
This smile is my endless love for you.

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