UFO Sightings With Radar Confirmation (1/8)
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#8 Washington Sightings (1952)
There were a series of sightings that happened in Washington from July 12 to July 29, 1952 and the one that happened on the 19th was the most intriguing. During that evening, an air traffic controller at Washington National Airport read 7 unidentified objects in the radar. His superior verified that the instruments was not faulty and another controller at another facility also confirmed that he had readings of a UFO on the radar and also saw “a bright orange light”. The Andrews Air Force Base was alerted and their radar also confirmed the UFO. Fighter jets were sent to track the flying object. Some pilots reported seeing lights while others saw nothing. The Air Force made a statement that those readings were caused by “temperature inversion”, however, many didn’t believe the reason since hundreds of eyewitnesses also saw those bright lights during that night.
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