Odd Ways To Solve A Problem (1/8)
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#8 Reviving A Corrosive Plane From WW2
During the WW2, the Germans bombed Great Britain with their Dornier 17, a medium-range bomber with all the manoeuvrability and speed of a jet fighter. Historians thought that no plane of that kind ever survived to be displayed today in museums until one plane was found on the coast of southeast England. The plane was in a state of corrosion because of its aluminium body submerged for a long time. Scientist has found a way to halt the effect of seawater and clean the rust on the plane. The mixture of lemon juice and water was used. After retrieving the plane, the pieces were put in a tunnel and filled with lemon juice mixture for 18 months, 8 hours each day, until such time its stable to be displayed in the museum.
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