Unique Stories And Tales About Alien Abduction (2/8)
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#7 Human In A Interterrestrial Ship
In 1967, a bright red light beamed in the window of the kitchen of the Betty Andreasson's house that astounded her and her family after the electricity went out. When they looked outside, they saw 5 creature "skipping" en route to their house. These creatures moved directly through their firm wood door and put the whole family into a daze right away.

Betty Andreasson and her father described the aliens as short with no common human characteristics. They exchanged communication through telepathically. Betty was taken aboard their mother ship and was set in an invasive experiment that sometimes hurts her. About 4 hours later, she was returned to her house and afterwards, the aliens freed all them from their daze. They also hypnotized Betty so she won't remember anything about her moments in the mother ship. After 8 years, Betty had undergone 12 months of long mental assessment including the lie-detector test and medical test. She was believed telling the truth about the abduction experience.
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